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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne est née le 8 octobre 1997 en Floride, États-Unis. Elle est actrice et réalisatrice. Elle est connue pour Duff: Le faire-valoir (2015), Midnight Sun (2018) et Famille recomposée (2014).

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Genre : expérimental Format : Court métrage Genre : expérimental Format : Court métrage Released on : 09 septembre 2022 Duration : 10:30 : United States
Paint Her Red

Paint Her Red

United States 10:30 2022-09-09


In this short film, written and directed by Bella Thone, Bella delivers an unapologetic narrative, both painful and beautiful, exploring the journey of women. With vulnerability and strength, Bella uses haunting visuals and an assembly of melancholic prose and poetry, allowing the audience a more intimate peek into a women’s pre-destined journey. Bella writes, “Smile. Stay quiet and if you’re thinking of standing up for yourself, shh….no one can hear you…But don’t worry, you look pretty. Even when they’re saying something good, they’re saying something bad”. In a world ruled by men, women learn at a very young age, what they can and can’t do. The simple freedom of a woman wanting the best future for herself is jeopardized by a man’s curse of the unthinkable circumstances women face in order to achieve it. Bella writes, “How much of myself was worth everything I wanted. I did everything you ask. I gave you all of myself”. By the time we enter adulthood, we struggle with the worth and power we both knowingly and unknowingly give to men. As long as we dance, sing and behave the way men taught us, women are manipulated to believe that the man will reward us with our freedom. Unfortunately, the acceptance from men comes at a grave price. Women must become chameleons, constantly changing while playing a fool to bigger fools. Bella writes, “this character, they painted red. make believe I can. Sleep at night, I cannot.” To be heard, women surrender to the constant fight to be seen and heard as humans instead of being degraded to the status of a mere object. “Further., I hear that soft spoken voice. I fight for her. The relief as the blood pours down my face it drips in my mouth and for the first time I can taste freedom. I’m no longer scared to say no or to admit I want blood”. Bella writes, “A piece left for myself. You can’t take it all. The answer is NO”. And when HER character rips the ungoldly flesh of men off of her, she hears applause, still painted red. “And here I am. Bruised, but not broken”.