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Solenne d'Arnoux de Fleury

Solenne d'Arnoux de Fleury

Solenne has always been a cinema fanatic. Having started her career on film sets, she also worked for several years in post-production on various French-speaking films and fiction series. She now focuses on analyzing and writing screenplays as well as producing independent genre films. With a contagious passion for art and culture, she is also a sensitive photographer and an informed film critic bringing a unique perspective to her field.

Genre : expérimental Format : Clip Released on : 31 juillet 2023 Duration : 1:19 : Canada
Lethal Weapon - No. 5 - Nuance El fuego

Lethal Weapon - No. 5 - Nuance El fuego

Canada 1:19 2023-07-31


Welcome to the sinister and pernicious universe of Lethal Weapon - No. 5 - Nuance El fuego. Our lipstick brand draws its inspiration from the dark corners of film noir while being enhanced by its captivating muse French Kiss, a merciless femme fatale who condemns her victims with a deadly kiss. With each application, you immerse yourself in a dark universe with macabre elegance and demonic audacity where seduction is tinged with dangerousness. Prepare to succumb to the infernal intensity of Lethal Weapon - No. 5, because once conquered by our red lipstick, there is no going back. Lethal Weapon - Nº5 - Nuance El Fuego, a lipstick that turns heads and stops hearts.