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yucan ye

yucan ye

A Thinker, a philosophy practitioner, a person who loves film art, and a person who responds to film history with film.

Meilleur court-métrage expérimental

Genre : expérimental Format : Court métrage Released on : 23 novembre 2023 Duration : 9:50 : China
Summoning You with Gunshots, My God

Summoning You with Gunshots, My God

China 9:50 2023-11-23


This is a fictional exploration of time, but the foundation of fiction is a discussion about the future state of global beliefs. Existential alienation forces people to be involuntarily immersed in a symbol system dominated by money. The control of the symbol system redefines the way people and their self-beliefs engage in dialogue. God? Regardless of the way of presence, it is a myth about the future of humanity. The fabricated new century's Judas may only represent a crossroads for humanity lost in desire. A grim, replicable violence is brewing. Humans, relying on self-destruction, respond to a sense of powerlessness in the face of creation.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

I intend to restore the links between modern art films and traditional art films made around last century. I am devoted to shoot an experimental film in response to film history with philosophical reflection on reality.And I believe film is an exploration of the multiple subjectivity of language, sound, and image.