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Amirhossein Shojaei

Amirhossein Shojaei

Name: Amirhossein Surname: Shojaei Date of birth: 21th of August, 1989 Education: Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch (2008-2013) Email: amirhosseinshojaii50@gmail.com Tel: +98-912-5854558 Member of Iranian Society of Still Photographers Participation in the competition of the 74th and 75th Cannes Festival with the films *A Hero* by Asghar Farhadi and *Leila Brothers* by Saeed Roustaee Still Photography Killer and Savage directed by hamid nematollah, 2020 Just 6.5 directed by saeed roustaee, 2019 Sheeple directed by hooman seyedi, 2018 Cold sweat directed by soheil beyraghi, 2018 The dark room direcred by rouhollah hejazi, 2018 No Date, No Signature directed by vahid jalilvand, 2017 Flaming directed by hamid nematollah, 2018 Life and a day directed by saeed roustaee, 2016 Subdued directed by hamid nematollah,2017 Hard Makeup directed by hamid nematollah, 2014 Lovely Trash directed by mohsen amiryousefi, 2013 The private life of mr. and mrs. M Directed by rouhollah hejazi, 2012 The queen directed by mohammad ali bashe ahangar, 2012 White state, directed by hamid nematollah, 2011 Exhibition "Far" in Atbin gallery 2015 - The winner of Crystal Simorgh for the best photography for the movie Subdued by Hamid Nematullah at the 35th Fajr Film Festival, 2017 - Nominee to receive Crystal Simorgh for the best photography for the film Sheeple at the 37th Fajr Film Festival, 2019 - Nominee to receive Crystal Simorgh for the best photography for the movie The Queen at the 31th Fajr Film Festival,2013 - Winning the first place and the statue of the 5th City Film festival,2017 - Nominee to receive the Cinema House statue in the 16th Cinema House celebration,2016 - Nominee to receive the statue of 2th festival of cinematographers of Iran,2017 - Nominee to receive the statue of 3th festival of cinematographers of Iran,2018 - Nominee to receive the statue of 5th festival of cinematographers of Iran,2020

Meilleur court-métrage drame

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 01 juin 2023 Duration : 18:06 : Islamic Republic of Iran
The guard

The guard

Islamic Republic of Iran 18:06 2023-06-01


A guard who does not guard won’t take any action and won’t put himself in danger if there’s a threat. He wanders and seeks an opportunity for himself in the darkness of the night