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Tono Wisnu

Tono Wisnu

Tono Wisnu is an Indonesian cinematographer. Tono Wisnu is known for The Kung Fu Rock Chick (2014), Aku Cinta Kamu (2014) and Melukis Harapan Di Langit India (2024).

Meilleur(e) Réalisatrice/Réalisateur court-métrage

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 26 janvier 2024 Duration : 6:30 : Indonesia
Shadow of The Light

Shadow of The Light

Indonesia 6:30 2024-01-26


Pandu is a Dalang, a puppeteer, storyteller and performer of Wayang Kulit, a traditional Indonesian shadow puppetry. He loves and lives for this art. He has dedicated his entire life to becoming a great Dalang! Since he was young, he has undergone long and tough training to master the craft. Not only does he memorize hundreds of storylines and thousands of characters, but he also learns the skill of making the puppets themselves. As a Dalang, he's widely known, and his troupe is often invited to various celebrations. Pandu's favorite character is the warrior puppet Arjuna, and he named his son after him. Pandu hopes to pass on the art of puppetry and Wayang Kulit to his son. He tries to teach his son, but with many other forms of entertainment available, Arjuna isn't interested in Wayang. Pandu's ego creates a tough attitude towards Arjuna. Arjuna must become a dalang! Pandu's tough stance only pushes Arjuna further away from Wayang. Eventually, one day, Arjuna plays with his father's favorite puppet using his toy robot. Pandu gets angry at Arjuna. Wayang is something sacred, it's an heirloom! Arjuna runs away crying, traumatized, and never touches a puppet again. As time passed, the popularity of puppet shows declined as people preferred watching TV or going to the movies. With a heavy heart, Pandu stored the puppets he had used in every show in a wooden box. However, Pandu regularly takes care of his puppets, taking them out of the box to air them out and clean them. Time passed, and Pandu grew older. Arjuna had a daughter named Wati. One day, Wati visited Pandu's house and became curious about the puppets Pandu was airing out. Just before she could touch the puppets, Arjuna stopped her, telling her that they were precious treasures of their grandfather and shouldn't be touched. Pandu realized that his old-fashioned attitude in the past might prevent his son and granddaughter from ever touching the puppets again. Until a tragedy struck, causing Pandu to fall ill. His condition worsened, and he could only lie in bed. Then one day, Pandu woke up to see a white sheet hanging in front of him. He heard the sweet voice of a little girl, and he saw the shadow of his puppets moving on the sheet; it was his granddaughter Wati playing with his puppets. Pandu was very angry, his eyes widened, and he immediately sat up. Because of his sudden movement, an unbearable pain shot through his body. The intense pain cleared his mind from anger, and he began to pay attention to his granddaughter's cheerful voice; Wati just wanted to try to cheer him up. Pandu fell silent and realized. He didn't want to repeat the same mistake with Wati. Arjuna walked into the room. He was very surprised to see Wati playing with his father's favorite puppets. However, when he tried to stop Wati's game, to his surprise, he saw Pandu's eyes shining brightly. Pandu and Wati played with the puppets together. Amidst the joy with his family, Pandu looked at Arjuna and whispered, "Approaching the end of my life, I can still witness the greatest performance, thank you." This was Pandu's final show. He passed away with the puppet embraced. Pandu's last breath is for a performance he loved since childhood. Pandu's final performance is like a beacon for Wati to continue her grandfather's legacy. However, what happened to Pandu and Arjuna made Wati realize that the art of Dalang and Wayang Kulit must be able to transcend the times. She no longer just plays “traditional shadow puppets”. She makes the art of shadow puppets adapt to the times. Wati creates Augmented Reality Wayang!