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Vasileios Tsikaras

Vasileios Tsikaras

Vasilis Tsikaras was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a director, actor, screenwriter and playwright. He is known for his historical war films and his plays. In the past he was working for several years as journalist and tv/radio producer. Vasilis Tsikaras is a member of the Union of Greek Directors, the ESIEMTH and the Association of Greek Scriptwriters. He is also Manager of Aratos Theater and Aratos Films. In his career, he has to his credit 5 feature films, 2 shorts, 17 theatrical plays and dozens of productions in cinema, theatre and television.

Meilleur film action/aventure

Genre : action/aventure Format : Long métrage Released on : 28 octobre 2023 Duration : 01:42:03 : Greece
Operation Star

Operation Star

Greece 01:42:03 2023-10-28


We are in Greece in 1943. A platoon of German soldiers commanded by Captain Hans Schmeichel is hunting two Greek officers after the failure of Operation Star. A woman will help the two men hide in her village but this will be devastating. The Germans will invade in the village and start the atrocities. The same time a group of men led by Brigadier general Naum is waiting for the results of the Operation Star.