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Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Quin-Harkin, Bajro Alicic

Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Quin-Harkin, Bajro Alicic

This film was co directed remotely and on the page by Victoria Quin-Harkin. A former conflict and Human Rights Journalist, Victoria originally did opera camp and studied Drama GCSE at Cirencester Deer Park School where she got an A1 in Drama and played parts ranging from a Young Jet in West Side Story, Angelo in Measure For Measure and Prostitute in Hogarth's London. She also studied Stanislavski and Bertold Brecht. Victoria went on to study Theatre Studies A'Level. She also studied Ballet. Kicked out of home in the early 90s (her late teens), and unable to afford to pursue acting Victoria moved to her dual passion of rock photography and working in menial jobs, becoming friends with Film Star Robert Addie and his US wife Jan who lived locally. She has had several careers and has an MA in International Journalism and broadcast journalism, which she furthered producing TV News at APTN and her MS necessitated another career change and she did a screenwriting, production and direction courses with Diane Bell, and studied theatre remotely with Ken Davenport and TheatreMakers Studios in NY. She has written several features HETV and a memoir. She is passionate about some good cinema and is a lone parent of a teenage Daughter. Originally from Serbia Bajro Alicic, now lives and works in Austria. Until recently he worked in television, now he works as a marketing video producer. “For as long as I can remember, my passion has been movies and stories. I started to express this by performing in school. Later going on to work as an actor in the theatre, as well as on several television projects. It didn't take me long to turn my attention to independent production. At the time I was stealing a trade where I could, so eventually I learned to use the camera as well as everything you need in digital post-production cut and colour grade.”

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Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 27 septembre 2022 Duration : 6:39 : Austria
John's Monologue

John's Monologue

Austria 6:39 2022-09-27


John's Monologue is excerpted from the screenplay and stage adaptation of "The Vampyre" acted by Jakob Maximilian written and co directed by me (Victoria A.C. Quin-Harkin) and co-directed and filmed by Bajro Alicic, Casting by Tobias Herrman, Produced by Jakob Maximilian, Victoria Quin-Harkin and Arifson Bajro’s compant name. Optioned to Lightning Bolt Films Ltd. Looking for Finance and Coproduction for film and ideally main production for the stage concurrently. Context: This monologue short is a scene from near the end of the screenplay The Vampyre. John, young doctor of modest means with ambitions to write, is in despair. He has suffered an accident and is in debt when he see his work published but not credited to him fully. We will have seen Byron make a pass at him earlier and the two men fall out as a result. John is also experiencing changes and is afraid he knows exactly what that means....