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Saiyue Zhuo

Saiyue Zhuo

Students majoring in film and television photography and production hope to express their thoughts and ideas through their created films, possess imagination, and excel in discovering and thinking about the real problems and difficulties faced by various social roles in life.

Meilleure actrice court-métrage

Meilleur(e) Réalisatrice/Réalisateur court-métrage

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 14 janvier 2024 Duration : 11:42 : China


China 11:42 2024-01-14


The film tells the story of when Li Na was still a child, her biological father passed away and her mother remarried, but she was often overlooked. So, at her stepsister's birthday banquet, Li Na retaliated by selling her body. After leaving the family, she continued to sell sex. By chance, she discovered that the buyer Zhang Cheng was a divorced man. Li Na also gave him a ring and advised him to return to the family. Moved, Zhang Cheng entrusted Li Na to pick up his daughter, and Li Na gradually realized redemption in the process. The film elaborates on the consciousness of female characters through visual expression, aiming not only to showcase diverse female characters, but also to highlight the practical difficulties faced by women by showcasing the multiplicity of female characters. Through the portrayal of Li Na as a female character in the work, it concretely portrays the inner worries and self adjustment process of contemporary women when facing different roles. In the process of bidirectional redemption and the subversion of traditional morality, the film aims to convey to the audience the cruel color of female growth: the transformation of female characters and the awakening of self-awareness, interpreting the transformation of female images in society and the physical and mental trauma caused by feminism in their original families. This is hoped to be conveyed through the screen.