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Ruei-Ci Jhou

Ruei-Ci Jhou

Ricky Jhou Ruei-Ci, a talented filmmaker based in Los Angeles with a deep passion for visual storytelling. Ricky creatively pushes herself on each project to capture powerful images that advance the story. Ricky has extensive experience creating narrative shorts, music videos.

Genre : documentaire Format : Documentaire Released on : 23 novembre 2023 Duration : 5:00 : Taiwan


Taiwan 5:00 2023-11-23


In an old house, a 94-year-old man dedicates himself to caring for his wife. Their daily life unfolds with simple yet profound moments, devoid of conversation, yet filled with an overwhelming love that permeates every corner of the room.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

I was raised by my grandparents as my parents were often occupied with their responsibilities. After high school, I moved back in with my parents, and my grandparents resumed their lives as a couple. They found joy in taking care of each other. While my grandpa may not be the best listener, my grandma serves as his ears. In turn, my grandpa becomes my grandma's support, especially since she can't stand for extended periods. Our lives are intertwined in a beautiful dance of mutual care and support, creating a bond that makes us dear to each other.