Édition - 2024

Kevin Sengara, Aman Pannu

Kevin Sengara, Aman Pannu

Genre : comédie Format : Court métrage Released on : 25 janvier 2024 Duration : 7:40 : Canada
Cinching Saddles

Cinching Saddles

Canada 7:40 2024-01-25


In the mockumentary "Cinching Saddles," we follow the wild journey of Calvinder, aka Cinch, who adopts a fake Texas accent and genuinely believes he's a cowboy, despite lacking any authentic cowboy skills. The series captures Cinch's comedic attempts to fit into the ranch's cowboy culture. As the ranch continues to thrive without his intentional assistance, the mockumentary unfolds with a humorous exploration of identity and the unexpected impact Cinch has on the community. Through interviews and candid moments, "Cinching Saddles" showcases the quirky dynamics of a South Asian cowboy's misadventures in the heart of a Canadian small town, offering a delightful twist on the mockumentary genre. Meanwhile, Cinch's family is adjusting to the presence of this new cowboy in their lives, adding an extra layer of amusement to the unfolding story.