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Hiroaki Yanagi

Hiroaki Yanagi

2021 Kasoken no onna - TV drama 2023 Unfounded

Meilleur acteur long-métrage

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Genre : dramatique Format : Long métrage Genre : dramatique Format : Long métrage Released on : 25 novembre 2023 Duration : 01:39:09 : Japan


Japan 01:39:09 2023-11-25


Set in a real café loved in downtown Kyoto A warmly portrayed ensemble drama about "starting one's life over Everyone is more or less living under the guise of "untruths. The coffee shop "Sonouchi Cafe" in downtown Kyoto is a place of relaxation for children and local regular customers. One day, a young woman (Marin Azuma), who calls herself Saya Obayashi, starts working there as a part-time employee. Saya, who has just graduated from high school and has no work experience, works hard every day in a clumsy but unusually meticulous manner, and her appearance attracts the attention of not only the master, Takashi Hoshi (Yoshimasa Kondo), but also the regular customers.? A man spies on Saya from outside the cafe. When questioned, the man, Akihiko Obayashi (Takehiro Murata), who has become homeless after being forced out of his position as a university professor due to a false accusation of sexual harassment, is Saya's former father-in-law. Obayashi left his wife and daughter to avoid causing trouble for his family, and his only regret is that he did not explain to his daughter that the sexual harassment was untrue. In fact, Hoshi had also spent his life without seeing his daughter even once after the divorce because of his wife's one-sided testimony that domestic violence (DV) had taken place. Hoshi plans to reunite Saya and Obayashi, but an unexpected revelation forces them to confront their respective pasts once again. The "crime with no basis in fact" that could befall anyone at any time, and the "family problems" that lurk in every home. The complicated interplay between father and daughter is shown in a unique coffee shop in Kyoto, with a cast of seasoned actors and up-and-coming young actresses selected in an audition for the heroine. Family time has been frozen for a long time.... But when they realize something more important than "facts," the hands of the clock of their lives start moving again...