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Thomas Capiten

Thomas Capiten

Thomas Capiten was born in 1988 in the magnificent Normandy region of Cherbourg, where he grew up as the eldest of three children. From a very young age, Thomas was fascinated by sea and surrounding nature, spending hours exploring rocky coasts and beaches fine sand from the English Channel. After completing his secondary studies, Thomas decided to continue his studies at the University of Law of Nantes. However, his interest in law quickly faded, and he drops out of school after just one year. He then feels the need to turn to a more creative and exciting path. In 2008, he enrolled at the Cours Florent in Paris, where he developed his skills in communication and artistic expression. Passionate about the world of theater, he then joined the Théâtre du Point Virgule, where he explored the profession of street actor for a year. In search of adventure and new challenges, Thomas created his company in Casablanca. However, while he worked in industrial trading in Africa, notably in Gabon and Morocco, he becomes aware of the harmful and lasting consequences of his profession on the environment. This observation is all the stronger as he becomes a father for the first time, realizing the importance crucial to protecting the planet for future generations. It was then that he decided to change course and devote his life to causes that were close to his heart. really at heart. In 2014, he founded the digital start-up "Monaco Program", exploring development opportunities and encouraging reasoned and local consumption. The year next, he launched "Cities Program", a company as an extension of the first with an international ambition. However, it is his love for the ocean that guides him towards his true passion. In 2019, inspired by Captain Némo by Jules Vernes, the adventures of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, by Moitessier and many others, his commitment to the environment and the ocean strengthens, Thomas founded the NGO Thalas Ocean. This organization is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the oceans through oceanographic expeditions and conservation initiatives sensitization. Four years later, in 2023, he also created the label "Engaged for Ocean", aimed at encouraging companies to adopt responsible practices towards the oceans. Today, Thomas Capiten continues to devote his energy to protecting the marine environment, convinced that everyone can make a difference to preserve this valuable ecosystem for future generations. His life is an inspiring example of how of which an individual can transform their passion into positive action for the good of the planet.

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The Mediterranean Heroes - Thalas Exploration

The Mediterranean Heroes - Thalas Exploration

France 01:07:00 2024-04-26


The crew of Thalas Océan, convinced that the solutions to better understand and preserve the Ocean exist, set off to discover the Heroes of the Ocean. In the French Mediterranean they will meet 6 Heroes and Heroines, from genetics to climate via coral and prehistoric men, this first chapter of a long story sheds light on what the Ocean is and why we must all become the actors of our future. In their adventure, they will meet thousands of schoolchildren, hundreds of engineers and carry out scientific actions

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My first documentary, with imperfections of course, but full of my feelings and my passion for Ocean.