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Gil Giuliani

Gil Giuliani

Gil Giuliani studied to be an actor at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, and worked on the theatre stage for years with important directors such as Luca Ronconi. He was nominated for the Hystrio prize 2015 as best actor. He moved to New York to study filmmaking at the NYFA, and his final short movie was selected among the "best of NYFA" selection of 2016.

Meilleur film action/aventure

Genre : action/aventure Format : Long métrage Released on : 23 avril 2024 Duration : 01:23:43 : Italy


Italy 01:23:43 2024-04-23


Requiem Espresso is a VHS film from the '80s/'90s, a love letter to POP cinema culture. It's the story of Francesco: a delivery guy that sleep on his friend's sofa. Only a few years earlier he was calling himself "Frank": the front man of a band that was on the verge of success. Then one day, during his deliveries, an opportunity knocks on his door: to open the concert of an international band and finally make his comeback on the stage. Frank will have to put together his old band with which he cut the bridges and face a past he escaped from. He does not know, however, that that concert is actually a cover for something very different: his last delivery.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

This movie was made with NO BUDGET by design. It's a compendium of my love for the POP cinema culture I grow with, filled with references from the '80s and '90s cinema. This is my first long feature film and the summary of all my experience in the theatre. This is a movie made by actors I met on years of stage, supported by filmmakers I met in New York that chose to believe in me. We accomplished it without money, but we need it though, because our next project is going to be bigger if you help us reach it.