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Claudio Callao

Claudio Callao

25 years of experience in directing drama and comedy in all its formats, variety programs and reality shows Knowledge of the language of Latin American series and telenovelas: Brazilian, Venezuelan, Colombian, Mexican for the Latin American and North American market Direct responsible for projects with high rating scores in USA, LATAM and Europe Experience in idealization, production and management of projects with or without budget constraints. Excellent management of production teams, talent and technical staff of all levels in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Genre : dramatique Format : Long métrage Released on : 22 septembre 2023 Duration : 01:38:00 : Mexico
La Casa Azul

La Casa Azul

Mexico 01:38:00 2023-09-22


Martín, a talented and retired piano player meets Mariana, his best friend, Pedro’s daughter. Without thinking, a great love story is born between them, where Mariana is the inspiring muse. Martin is 42 years older than Mariana, that’s why both of them will face all the vicissitudes such a relationship entails. In the end, Mariana will find out that her mission is not to inspire anyone but herself.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

It is a film that rescues the Mexican magical realism of the cinema of the 80's and 90's. Music has a very great importance and is the "third protagonist" of our history. It is a love story, with the differential that there is a generational abyss between the two lovers. 44 years separate them. What could come of that? What problems will they have? How would the morality of society accept such a relationship? How does the patriarchal, moralistic and misogynistic society of a people, which could be any people in Latin America, judge a woman who exercises her sexuality fully? These are the main questions that will be answered during this film. The narrative of La casa azul is contemplative, since it features large sequence shots, aided by lighting, music and naturalistic performances. It is a journey towards the new Mexican magical realism, where fantastic situations are present discreetly.