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Dun-Ru Chaing

Dun-Ru Chaing

Director, writer, and editor. Born in 1996 and raised in Taipei. Fueled by her curiosity for the film and television industry, Mickey Chiang Dun-Ru initiated her professional career as a commercial film production assistant. In 2021, she journeyed to LA to pursue a master's degree in film production at Loyola Marymount University. There, she made her directorial debut, filming two narrative short films, and began actively participating in short film productions in the role of an editor.

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 01 décembre 2023 Duration : 10:17 : United States
Jessy On My Mind

Jessy On My Mind

United States 10:17 2023-12-01


Déclaration du réalisateur:

For a long time, I didn't know how to be with myself. Whenever I was alone, there was this void-like emptiness that forced me to pick up my phone and endlessly scroll through social apps, seeking some warmth of being "liked" through messages of care. Yet, those unfamiliar yet enthusiastic invitations never truly filled that void; instead, I found myself sinking deeper into despair. Countless times I resolved to stop this behavior, only to be engulfed by emptiness once again when I paused. Helplessly, I realized that I might be sick. Eventually, I went to see a psychologist. The doctor told me that I needed to learn to love myself, and that's when I came across the concept of the "inner child." Imagine that each of us harbors a child within, fragile and wounded yet still yearning for love. If we neglect these inner children, they might resort to irrational behaviors in pursuit of love. I resonated deeply with this concept; it helped me visualize another version of myself, and looking at childhood photos of the young girl, I learned how to cherish her. Inspired by this revelation, I decided to center a story around the inner child, using the medium of psychological drama. Through dissecting the protagonist's innermost thoughts and emotional state, I aim to help audiences understand why it's crucial to "love oneself" and how to do so concretely. I hope that everyone who watches the film can inch a bit closer to true happiness and inner peace.