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Do-Gyung Yoon

Do-Gyung Yoon

Do-Gyung Yoon is a Film major at Korea University of Media Arts and an aspiring filmmaker quickly making a name in the Korean film industry. Despite being in the early stages of his career, he has already produced various promising films, such as "Student Body President" and "To You".


Meilleure actrice court-métrage

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 24 janvier 2024 Duration : 26:08 : Korea, Republic of
Your Voice

Your Voice

Korea, Republic of 26:08 2024-01-24


"Your Voice" explores the unique connection between Gina, an American woman adopted from Korea at a young age, and Jaewoo, a lesser-known Korean film director. Their relationship, solely built through an anonymous call app, deepens despite the physical distance. The film navigates themes of identity, cultural roots, and the challenges of modern digital relationships, and beautifully captures the essence of contemporary relationships and self-discovery.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

"In directing 'Your Voice', I aimed to provoke the audience into rethinking romantic relationships in today's world, prompting reflection on the essence of love. As the film delves into the development of emotional connections without physical presence, it challenges the modern emphasis on physical appearance and attractiveness. I believe that this aspect adds a layer of intrigue and encourages viewers to question what elements are integral to romantic relationships."