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Cédric Ernoult

Cédric Ernoult

I, Cédric Ernoult, was born on March 15th, 1989 in Richmond, Indiana (USA) as the youngest of three siblings in a French family. From 2009 to 2011, I completed a training program in editing at the MJM School of Audiovisual Design in Rennes. From 2011 to 2017, I studied Design, Media and Communication with a focus on film at the FH Dortmund. During my studies, I completed a 6-month internship at ARRI-Munich in lighting, stage, and camera, and subsequently worked as a cameraperson and lighting technician. At FH Dortmund, I focused on directing and made Le grand Jeté, a film featuring soloist Ahmed Soura in the lead role, for my final project before enrolling in a program at the KHM. In the spring of 2022, I completed my studies there with the film Le Métèque.

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 27 mars 2023 Duration : 29:58 : France
Le Métèque

Le Métèque

France 29:58 2023-03-27


Two young deaf free divers on vacation have been wandering the region for a few days. They don't have much and travel light. They spend the nights mainly on beaches. The hoped-for adventure has so far failed to materialize and connecting with other people is also proving more difficult than expected. They can’t seem to find access. When, during the daily underwater hunt, deep in a kelp forest, the sky over Zinédine suddenly darkens, he emerges, driven by curiosity. There he discovers a drifting sailing ship. The two guide the boat back to shore and shortly thereafter meet Jade, the owner of the boat. She invites them to continue their journey by ship. At last the boys seem to be able to experience what they could not before, but the sudden death of the sailor replaces the newly gained feeling of ease with fear of being accused of murder, and of having been betrayed by fate.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

I believe that the film has artistic and social relevance because deaf people are still too little or not naturally present in today's film and theater world, and when they are represented in society in general, the issue of disability clouds the story. I try to tell a natural story where the two actors are simply deaf. The film must take into account the different perspectives of hearing, deafness, and the perspective of the outsider, extracting sound from the image from time to time and not always translating sign language so that we can let the play of language act on us.