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Enrique Otero

Enrique Otero

Enrique Otero est un réalisateur galicien, musicien, producteur. Son premier film de fiction, Crebinsky, produit en 2010, a rencontré un large succès. Il a aussi réalisé le documentaire Funes, à portée plus confidentielle. Il est né en 1971 à La Corogne

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Genre : dramatique Format : Long métrage Genre : dramatique Format : Long métrage Genre : dramatique Format : Long métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 01:30:00 : Spain


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Eva and Carlos's marriage is a wreck. A couple in ruins. Only Jonás, the son they had together, keeps them together. But united may not be the right word. After all, Jonás has just died in a senseless accident thousands of miles from home, in the United States, during a visit to his paternal grandparents. Or, for that matter, the almost physical need to repatriate their son's body. Or, only the almost physical need to lose sight of each other, and forever. But Eva and Carlos, on top of the wreckage of their marriage, have no money and no life insurance. And repatriating a corpse costs a fortune. Without the financial means to bring Jonás back, but with their hearts set on it, Eva and Carlos embark on a desperate journey across the country, and through their own emotional lives, in which they will try to get the money they need to retrieve their son's body at any cost, aware that it will be the last thing they do together. But together may not be the right word. Aware that it will be the last thing they do with the same goal. And so, selling door-to-door complete DVD collections of the best cartoon series of the 80s - collections stolen from a dead man and taking Carlos back to a time when everything was simple - the couple plunge into a whirlwind of events, each as unpredictable as the next. As extreme, as strange, as inevitable as, for example, stealing from a dead man when you're not sure whether you've killed him yourself. Necessary, too, in spite of everything, for they will eventually achieve their goal: to repatriate Jonas' corpse, even at the cost of abandoning almost everything else along the way. Only the accidental and mute entrance into their lives of Sayaka, an eight-year-old Chinese girl they may have kidnapped, will give their desolate hearts the drops of magic needed to transform their path of destruction into something resembling the hope of a new beginning. Only if police chief inspector Rebeca Santos can't uncover all the mysteries of their strange story in time...