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HUANG Menglu

HUANG Menglu

2021.03 OYOGERUNEKO (The Cat from the Deep Sea) 50min Director, Screenplay, Editor, Music Nominated by Festival de Cannes 2021 Department: Cinéfondation 2019.10 HAYAZAKINOAKANE (Blooming Sunset at Dawn) 29min Director, Screenplay, Editor Nominated by Nara International Film Festival 2020 Department: NARA - wave

Meilleur court-métrage

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 40:00 : Japan


Japan 40:00 0000-00-00


It’s been a year since the decease of her father Naoki, Rina is reunited with her mother Tomoko and aunt Kaori. The three are all pretending to be normal just to ease the others’ mind, while the sorrows and what they really want to say buried deep in their hearts…

Déclaration du réalisateur:

Around the spring of 2022, my beloved father passed away from a sudden illness. Still in the middle of the corona at that time, I could not return home immediately after enduring about a month of waiting and quarantine. Although I was able to visit his grave, I regretted not being able to see my father's final moments and attend his funeral. Therefore, I decided to make something for my father as my last film as a student, began planning this film. At first, I only thought of making my father the main character, but then I realized that even though he had passed away, he was still watching over my mother and me, and that he may have always wished that we would support each other and go on living. This time, through the story of the living daughter and mother, including their love and feelings for the deceased father, I hope to convey to the audience the selfish thought that our deceased relatives have not disappeared from this world, but may become like the air that surrounds us and watches over us.