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Radu Rojas Oprean

Radu Rojas Oprean

Radu Rojas Oprean is a Spanish-Romanian filmmaker with a background in editing. His passion for storytelling led him to study film at London College of Communication and has stayed in London since graduating in 2019. With a diverse editing portfolio, ranging from award-winning narrative short films to high-profile commercials for brands like Rolls Royce and Glenfiddich, his latest venture has been to edit a feature-length documentary exploring the multifaceted lives of people living in alternative communities in Somerset. Recently, Radu has stepped into directing his own projects. He has collaborated with musicians directing experimental films and in 2024 he’s finished his first short film set in his home town: Tenerife. With this film he hopes to tap into the magic of filmmaking—its power to evoke atmospheres and to create images that move people.

Genre : dramatique Format : Court métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 14:51 : United Kingdom
A Sea Apart

A Sea Apart

United Kingdom 14:51 0000-00-00


A middle-aged woman pining for her daughters is taken on a nocturnal, dream-like journey by four Greek goddesses.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

A Sea Apart is a film I made in collaboration with my mother, who plays the leading role. The initial idea came about when I was visiting The Wallace Collection in 2019 and saw a bass relief of five women holding hands called The Borghese Dancers. Somehow from that image this story emerged—a story of a middle-aged woman being dragged around a town at night by four Greek goddesses! I knew I wanted it to be slightly absurd, somewhat magical, and that deep down it was about a mother longing for her children.