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Neill Fleeman

Neill Fleeman

Neill Fleeman wrote and directed industrial films in the late 1970s working out of Calvin Studios in Kansas City. After a 30 year hiatus he returned to the hot side of the camera in Leatherheads, Goodbye Solo, The Severe Psychosis of a Music-less Man and other films and commercials. His first narrative film, The Third Act, was an official selection of the Directors Circle of Shorts Festival. His semi-biographical "A Little Touch of Harry" was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the international Motion Picture Festival and garnered Merit awards for feature film, editing and direction from the Accolade Festival, in addition to an Exceptional Merit award from the Depth of Field International Film Festival.

Meilleur(e) Réalisatrice/Réalisateur long-métrage

Genre : fantastique Format : Long métrage Released on : 01 septembre 2023 Duration : 01:21:03 : United States
Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late

United States 01:21:03 2023-09-01


In part 3 of the trilogy, Harry Little is sent back to 1912 to find Ariel and work in the silent film industry.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

" I never intended to wind up in the movie racket. It was just sort of one of those naturally occurring phenomenon, like sunspots...or the bubonic plague."