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AJ Moss

AJ Moss

I have always been fascinated with telling stories. When I was young I figured out how I wanted to tell them; Film. Like most film makers I started by writing my own short films then having my friends star in them. As high school came I saw the world of film really start to open up for me as I worked hard to win in the "Utah High School Film Festival". I won several awards including 1st place in the short film category and was ready to face the real world of film. In September of 2013 I was given the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the LDS Motion Picture studio in Provo, Utah. I spent 2 years of full time service there where I connected with producers, actors, directors and many other talented individuals involved with film. I got experience as a co-producer, writer, PA, Special Effects Assistant, Grip and other positions. I still have a great relationship with the wonderful people at the LDS Motion Picture Studio. I received my degree in Digital Media at Utah Valley University film school where I put major focus on learning both screenwriting and directing. Today I work full time along side the popular YouTuber Devinsupertramp. We have been around the world telling stories through the art of film.


Meilleur court-métrage fantastique

Genre : fantastique Format : Court métrage Released on : 28 août 2023 Duration : 9:17 : United States
The Last Ashlyn

The Last Ashlyn

United States 9:17 2023-08-28


A young girl in an ancient, fantasy world attempts to stop her mother and father, the last of her family, from dueling to the death over honor and spite.