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Thomas Dubois

Thomas Dubois

Thomas Dubois’ path to filmmaking is marked by a rich experience in architecture and artistic direction, giving him a unique perspective. This combination is reflected in his work, where each frame is constructed with precision and a refined creative vision. Telling a story, transporting it into a captivating universe, a rhythm, and creating a connection with characters are not merely techniques but his philosophy, his way of inviting the audience into his world.

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Genre : sci-fi Format : Court métrage Released on : 25 septembre 2023 Duration : 8:05 : France
Solitary Waves

Solitary Waves

France 8:05 2023-09-25


While exploring an unknown place, an astronaut is confronted with fragmented memories that gradually unfold, forcing him to face his deepest fears and embrace a journey where reality and illusion intertwine.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

Solitary Waves is an intimate story that began a year ago in a forest deep in Aveyron (France). I love the woods. It is the ideal place to imagine stories and create worlds. I believe it is also a place that connects us deeply with ourselves. Not the surface « self » but an inner, deep, intimate self that resonates with what surrounds us. It is there, in the heart of the forest, that this story began. The concept of having an astronaut isolated in unknown territory and confronted with fragmented flashes of memories served as a metaphor for our own individual journey we undertake in facing our past and memories. With Solitary Waves I aimed to craft a narrative that resonates beyond the immediate viewing experience. At its heart, the film delves into the intricate interplay between memory and identity, two facets of the human psyche that are inseparable yet often in conversation. Memories aren’t just passive imprints of the past; they’re dynamic and evolving. The film emphasizes the fluidity of memories, illustrating how they can change over time, be reinterpreted, or even be influenced by our present emotions and experiences.