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Michael Semerád

Michael Semerád

He was born in Zlín, where he continues to create. While studying in Great Britain, he became attached to film. After returning to the Czech Republic, he entered the Film High School in Zlín, where he wrote and directed a pair of short films. Subsequently, he was accepted to the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín, Directing and Screenwriting, where he continues his creative genre work.

Meilleur court-métrage thriller

Genre : thriller Format : Court métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 18:08 : Czech Republic


Czech Republic 18:08 0000-00-00


Someone late at night breaks into the luxurious house of an isolated influencer Lucy. The police won't arrive for another fifteen minutes, so she's forced to defend her home by herself. Suddenly, a romantic song starts playing from downstairs. Throughout this home invasion, we gradually go back to what happened before it. Before a flight, reckless Lucy shares a misleading post and unknowingly triggers a wave of hatred on social media during her flight. Lucy tries to get back home to her normal life, but she's confronted with a conspiracy of those who want to take advantage of her vulnerable situation for their own benefit.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

Late at night a romantic song plays from a dark living room of a luxury villa. In it, an unknown character sways to the rhythm and manipulates a rope tied into a gallows noose. All of this is broadcasted live to thousands of viewers. How is it possible that such a situation can occur? I am convinced that social media influences our behavior and directly incite violence. It unites and divides, it liberates, and in the same way it becomes a noose wrapped around our neck. The insanity of the whole situation. How incomprehensibly exaggerated is the reaction to one post on a social network. But most people do not understand this problem. We are not very aware of the fact that it changes the world around us. The dangers of social media are talked about and made into movies, but I decided to go the route of an exciting story that is relatable to as many viewers as possible.