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Kitty Percy

Kitty Percy

Kitty Percy is a filmmaker and award-winning screenwriter, known both for original work and for adaptations in film and TV. She co-wrote the critically-acclaimed feature SHE WILL, which had a theatrical release last year following a London Film Festival premiere. Kitty is an alumna of the prestigious 4Screenwriting programme, and a dedicated screenwriting mentor for underrepresented voices. Boldly tackling complex emotional themes surrounding relationships, social dynamics and sexual politics, she writes across a range of genres including drama, crime, horror, high-concept ‘near fi’ and comedy. RED PLANET BLUE is her first film as writer-director. Kitty is represented by Christine Glover and Ellen Gallagher at Casarotto Ramsay & Associates, https://www.casarotto.co.uk/clients/kitty-percy IMDb: https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm5802564?ref_=hm_ftr_myp

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Genre : sci-fi Format : Court métrage Released on : 29 avril 2024 Duration : 9:46 : United Kingdom


United Kingdom 9:46 2024-04-29


In 2279 AD, some surprising 20th century contraband, smuggled from Earth to a colony on Mars, becomes a catalyst for a tentative young couple on the edge of love…

Déclaration du réalisateur:

RED PLANET BLUE is kind of a letter - not a love letter, more a thank you note - to the compound fluoxetine, commonly known as Prozac. Coming from a long line of smiling depressives (and some not so smiling - my father's father died in a 1950's asylum while having ECT to ‘cure’ suicidal tendencies) I’m grateful for stability. But do I miss the huge feelings that used to riot in my head before I met Prozac? Every single day. Because mood medications dull the emotions at the extreme ends of the register. So although despair is no longer my regular companion, there’s also no euphoria, no giddy uncontrollable laughter. And joy, when it does visit, often brings along its unwelcome friend, foreboding. The world of RED PLANET BLUE categorically isn’t a dystopia - in fact it’s idyllic in many ways: On this Mars, humans have adapted in order to save mankind, becoming passive, selfless empaths whose relationships are only ever platonic. They wear all-over body suits for practical reasons, but also to ‘protect’ them from strong emotions. I wrote RED PLANET BLUE to at least discuss - if not come to terms with - the emotional state that has become my default setting. As an allegory, the story doesn’t broadcast its true genesis, but I have a feeling that people like me will get it. But I hope that people not like me will experience it for what it is: a low concept story - a sweet, simple romance - in a high-concept wrapper.