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George Zwier

George Zwier

George Zwier has honed his storytelling abilities by collaborating with renowned directors on major blockbusters and independent films as an award-winning visual effects supervisor. His experience in visual effects and understanding the nuances of the filmmaking process have allowed him to gain unique insights into the art of visual storytelling. Now Zwier has transitioned into directing, drawing from his wealth of knowledge. His ability to blend realism and artistry, coupled with a passion for bringing imaginative worlds to life, makes him a unique voice committed to crafting resonant narratives that push the boundaries of the medium.


Meilleur court-métrage thriller

Genre : thriller Format : Court métrage Released on : 26 avril 2024 Duration : 4:05 : United Kingdom
Dead Beat

Dead Beat

United Kingdom 4:05 2024-04-26


A tormented writer's struggle with insomnia and a sinister voice pushes her to the brink, blurring the lines between reality and her grisly script, as she spirals down a path of self-destruction and tragedy.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

As a director, my passion lies in marrying realism and artistry through visual story-telling. My directing approach is driven by a commitment to crafting resonant, boundary-pushing stories that linger with audiences long after the credits roll.