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Fulvio Costa

Fulvio Costa

Fulvio Costa is an Italian director and screenwriter. Born in Schio (VI) in 1997, he started studying screenwriting at 19 in Verona, then continued at the National Film Academy of Bologna, where he graduated in 2022. After some experiences as assistant in some independent projects, he directed in 2023 his first short "Coyote Valley", which he wrote and produced. It’s a gangster noir that pays tribute to the most classic genre, inspired by masterpieces like “The killing” by Stanley Kubrick, “Reservoir dogs ” by Quentin Tarantino or “Milano Calibro 9” by Fernando di Leo.

Meilleur court-métrage thriller

Genre : thriller Format : Court métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 28:18 : Italy
Coyote Valley

Coyote Valley

Italy 28:18 0000-00-00


Two members of a small group of suburban gangsters are found dead in their club, 'Coyote Valley'. To safeguard the business, the remaining partners plan a temporary escape, but when they meet something doesn't go as planned.