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Yang Gu, Kuang Liu, Liaoyu Chen

Yang Gu, Kuang Liu, Liaoyu Chen

Gu Yang , graduated from the Animation Department of Beijing Film Academy with a master’s degree. She worked as producer, storyboarder, and planner for different animated feature film and TV series. Passionate at painting, art and design, Gu Yang along with her husband Liu Kuang, designed and created a toy brand, which became very trendy among Chinese young people, called TOO+. As a Beijing alley(hutong) artist, she was invited by Shanghai Animation Film Studio to direct her own short film “THE KIDNAPPING” between 2020 to 2022. The film explored a new perspective in fashion arts, combining the ancient local Beijing hutong culture with modern aesthetics, bringing together a culmination of culture, art exhibition, animation, and film and television. 2012-2019 Animated Film and Television?Served as the deputy manager of THE GATE STUDIO. Her representative works are as follow: As dubber and producer, she participated in producing a healing animation series entitled Huangdoubaoer. As planner and producer, she participated in producing an animated film entitled Foodiverse. 2020-2022 As director, she had finished making an animated short film entitled THE KIDNAPPING which is included in Shanghai Animation Film Studio’s short film collection Yao-Chinese Folktales. 2019-2022 Trendy Art?Founder of the lifestyle toys brand TOO+ Individual exhibition? Super Y Too K Trendy Concept Exhibition ?1905 ART SPACE 2020 Little HUTONG Good Fun • wild ? TenMinute ART SPACE 2022 Activities involved? SSF SUPER PARTY 2020 ABC BOOK IN CHINA ONLINE 2020 TAC SUPER VIEW 2020 CTSXADTS Beijing International Art and Design Toy Exhibition?2020 CTSXADTS Beijing International Art and Design Toy Exhibition ONLINE?2020 Genius Animation Art Festival | 2020 HWE Designer Toys, Figures&Model, Pop Culture&Arts Festival?2020 SAN LIAN • Lifestyle Festival?2020 UCCA Store?2021.1 Limited time purchase?ONLINE?2021 CTSXADTS Beijing International Art and Design Toy Exhibition?2021 HOLLY'S TAOZHEN Rabbit Good SPECIAL AUCTION ONLINE?2022 HOLLY'S TAOZHEN CNY SPECIAL AUCTION ONLINE?2023 LUCKY RABBIT?798 E03 Gallery?joint exhibition?2023

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Genre : animation Format : Court métrage Released on : 05 février 2023 Duration : 17:19 : China
The Kidnapping (Old Man Yang)

The Kidnapping (Old Man Yang)

China 17:19 2023-02-05


Old man Yang is about to move away from the Beijing hutong that he had lived in for years, but he cannot help reminiscing on the old times. Until one day, he gets a mysterious Prize Draw... “The Kidnapping” is one of the 8 short films in a collection called ‘Yao – Chinese folktales’. which has gone viral in China in 2023, and has earned over 200 million views after only one month airing in China.