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Benoît Paltretti

Benoît Paltretti

Idealist dreamer, experienced filmmaker, photography lover and former motion designer, based in Paris France. I specialize in documentary film and while traveling, street photography. My style is telling people’s stories to inspire, to ignite that little spark that can lead to a questioning, to a change. My images have a cinematic, natural and organic feel that gives a human tone to my photography. I shoot Leica, speak thaï, Serge Gainsbourg is my hero and I can cook the best lasagna you’ve ever tasted, for real!

Genre : documentaire Format : Long métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 52:53 : France
Ring's partners in crime

Ring's partners in crime

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In 2013, Tom "Cyborg" Wallace, a Muay Thai boxer, meets Dom Pao. Together, they train in the suburbs of Lyon and travel the globe to face top champions. Despite financial struggles, broken families, tragic losses, traps, ambushes, and aging bodies, ten years later, they have become multiple world champions. Wallace delivered a knockout that has become legendary, with a backstory full of twists and turns. After the Covid-19 pandemic and four years without stepping into a Muay Thai ring, they are approaching what might be their final fight. Tensions are rising. Will their friendship, unbreakable until now, survive the pressures and challenges that lie ahead? Through these two modern warriors, passion becomes a catalyst, brotherhood a compass, and the quest for self a guiding star. This story transcends Muay Thai, offering a lesson in humanity where the strength of the soul ultimately surpasses physical strength.

Déclaration du réalisateur:

During one of my many trips to Thailand, I stumbled upon a striking scene at the entrance of a shopping mall: a boxing ring with two fighters engaged in a fierce battle. Initially repelled by the violence – no protection, elbows, and knees allowed – I couldn't look away. There was something both primal, beautiful, and spiritual emanating from this fight. The shrill music in the background synchronized almost hypnotically with the sounds and blows exchanged. The fighters seemed possessed. What fascinated me the most was that, at the end of the fight, the opponents exchanged prayers and embraces, bound by a deep respect. This form of respect, rare in boxing or MMA, is fundamental in Thai boxing. It was at this precise moment that I became interested in Muay Thai. The spiritual and traditional anchoring of this martial art particularly attracted me. Thai boxing includes various fascinating rites and ceremonies. For example, fighters perform the Ram Muay, a dance paying homage to their masters and everything they hold dear before each fight. They also wear sacred headbands and armbands, magical amulets. It's a rich and mystical universe. Two years ago, I decided to set aside my career as a graphic designer to pursue filmmaking, with the main goal of making a film about Muay Thai. Its violence is often highlighted, overshadowing the spiritual and aesthetic aspects of Muay Thai. Rather than just talking about fights, I want to highlight its values, its mystique, and its visual beauty. We live in a time where we need to reconnect with spirituality, discipline, and respect. This film could inspire, help, and guide the younger generation in this direction. During my research and encounters, I met Dom Pao, a trainer, and his friend Tom Wallace, a two-time world champion in Thai boxing. By happy coincidence or sign of destiny, Wallace was born in the same small maternity ward as me, in the suburbs of Lyon. The meeting of two Muay Thai enthusiasts: him in the ring and me behind the camera. At 39, Tom is considering ending his professional career. He has the experience, the background, and the legitimacy to take us on a journey through this universe and share his mindset. On the cusp of his retirement, his story and his relationship with the discipline will be a perfect illustration to showcase this unique martial art. This is my first documentary film as a solo director. Ratings Edit Rating 0 2 0 0 Erwan Gobilliard on June 2, 2024 View Full Rating Share Rating Delete Vincent Bonet on June 2, 2024 Intéressant du point de vue des rapports humains en // des combats. Après faut aimer la boxe. Edit Rating Share Rating Delete Notes Send a copy to the submitter.