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Zhijuan Wu

Zhijuan Wu

Ordinary girl born in China. Currently living in South Korea. Good at escaping reality by sleeping and then visualizing what's in the dreams. Never thought I could make a full animation. The uncontrollability of life is here. But I still don't know what I really want to do. Maybe one day I'll put up a tent in the woods and sleep. I hope in my next life I'll be reborn as a little turtle.

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Genre : animation Format : Court métrage Released on : 30 novembre -1 Duration : 6:11 : Korea, Republic of
Aria's storage heaven

Aria's storage heaven

Korea, Republic of 6:11 0000-00-00


Rika, the main character, reminisces when she sees a blue umbrella abandoned in a bicycle chute on a rainy nignt. Rika is thinking about Aria and feeling sadness and pain at her silent death. Longed hearts turn into hatred and try to kill Aria and forget her in Rika's inner world, "Aria' storage heaven", but eventually fail and accept Aria' death. Rika also abandoned her obsession with Aria and lived a life without Aria.